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Aqua~Health Solar Shield

Aqua~Health Solar Shield helps protect pool water from both heat loss and evaporation. In addition, it’s an economical and easy to use alternative to pool covers.

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Aqua~Health Solar Shield adds an ultra-thin invisible barrier to the pool that reduces evaporation by over 30% and also aids in reducing heat losses.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Provides up to 1 month of protection per dose
  • A 1L bottle will provide 4 months of treatment to a 50,000 Litres pool
  • It is 20% more effective than other liquid blankets
  • It has a non-flammable formulation
  • Its efficiency will not be affected by automatic pool cleaners
  • It may be used in all types of pool finishes
  • It is compatible with all recognised sanitisers and other pool additives

Dosage rates:

  • 250mL per 50,000 Litres pool water
  • Use once every 30 days

Available Pack Sizes:
1L bottle.