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Enhance your swimming experience

Waterco's Hydrochlor mineral sanitiser in combination with the Hydroxzone ozonator creates a swimming experience like no other. Turn your pool into a therapeutic oasis, minimise chlorine demand, improve water clarity, reduce maintenance time and costs with Waterco's ozone mineral system.

Hydrochlor Mineral pool
Hydrochlor sanitises your pool, making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready to swim in year-round. In fact, a Mineral pool requires considerably less attention than a standard chlorinated pool.
 Hydrochlor sanitises the pool water by splitting the Mineral Crystals and salt into its basic components, one being chlorine.

A swimming experience that is more than skin deep
Hydrochlor is specially designed to work in synergy with Waterco’s Mineral Crystals. Adding Mineral Crystals to pool water enables you to experience the health benefits of bathing in magnesium enriched water.
 Mineral Crystals not only improves your pool water with a blend of naturally occurring minerals, but it also moisturises your skin as you swim. Its gentle formulation has little to no taste and can be used in any type of pool.
Secondary sanitisation
How do you maintain consistently clean and healthy pool water? The good news is that it is possible to reduce pool maintenance and improve water quality with a sanitisation system that relies more on modern technology.
 Chlorine alone is no longer the sole solution to maintaining clear, healthy pool water. You can enhance your pool water by adding a secondary sanitisation system.
 By combining proven and tested technologies, it is possible to have a pool that is clean, safe and clear.

Ozone, the powerful oxidiser
Ozone is a much more powerful oxidiser than chlorine; it is a popular secondary sanitiser because of its ability to reduce the amount of chlorine required.

Reduce red eyes and dry skin
Ozone is also able to effectively reduce the presence of chloramines that cause red eyes, dry skin and respiratory irritations.
Crystal clear water
Ozone has a natural flocculating effect (clustering of impurities), significantly improving filtration performance, leaving your pool crystal clear.

MultiCyclone centrifugal filtration
Waterco’s multi-award-winning, water saving MultiCyclone centrifugal filter can be easily incorporated into Waterco’s Ozone Mineral system.
 MultiCyclone also reduces the workload and maintenance required for traditional filtration systems by pre-filtering incoming sediments, leading to a reduction in water usage associated with backwashing and filter cartridge cleaning.

Chemflo Plus water management
Chemflo Plus analyses your pool water chemistry and accurately sanitises and controls the pool’s pH, to ensure the safest possible swimming conditions.
The Chemflo Plus is specially configured to control the Hydrochlor Mineral sanitiser. It will continuously analyse the pool water and activates the Hydrochlor Mineral sanitiser when necessary

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