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DMI65 Iron Removal Media

Advanced Oxidation Water Filtration Media

The DMI-65 is an extremely powerful catalytic action water filtration media that will remove iron and manganese to the world drinking water standards and down to undetectable levels if required.


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The DMI-65 can also be used as a mechanical filtration media because of its high capacity to filter out suspended solids to approximately larger than 10 microns. The DMI-65 can also remove Arsenic, Aluminium and Hydrogen Sulfide under certain conditions.

Infusion Technology:
The DMI-65 is infused technology and not just a surface coating technology like other catalytic water filtration Medias and this gives the DMI-65 the advantage of a long life span between 5 to 8 years and powerful performance. It also removes the chance of any chemical leaching into the water stream.

Advantages of DMI-65 Media and Features Include:

  • Is the lowest cost method of removing these elements from a ground water supply to the world drinking water guidelines.
  • Very powerful catalytic action and its ease to maintain and operate.
  • Is similar to manganese greensand without the need to add potassium permanganate, which is dangerous, costly and difficult to operate and maintain.
  • Is certified to the US Standard of NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water and has been tested by many other water treatment laboratories.
  • Has various uses including the use in municipal water treatment plants, domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment plants and is being used in the agriculture sector. DMI-65 is also used to pre treat iron in water to protect RO membranes from fouling.
  • Can be simply installed into existing water treatment plants that currently use the older technology, by replace the other water treatment Medias with DMI-65.