Waterco has vastly improved the hydraulic efficiency its horizontal filter’s lateral system by looping its distributors and laterals, providing a more natural flow of water through the filter. Backwashing is reduced leading to significant water savings.
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Micron SPDD filters are fitted with a plate and nozzle system, which ensures uniform flow for both filtering and backwashing. The nozzle plate system also allows the introduction of pressurised air directly into the bottom of the filter media.
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Waterco engineers have taken the MultiCyclone technology one step further and developed the MultiCyclone Plus, a vertically-mounted, all-in-one pre-filtration/filtration unit.
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Aquabiome is designed for ponds and water gardens. It provides mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing.

Its ability to support dense populations of nitrifying bacteria and its reliability and easy maintenance, makes Aquabiome especially suitable for high density recirculation systems.
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Water Treatment
Waterco is an established, international manufacturer of water treatment solutions suitable for commercial environments including public swimming pools, aquaculture installations and industrial water treatment.

Waterco invests heavily in research and development in this sector and is expanding its range of high pressure filters suitable for water treatment. Large composite Waterco filters are now pre-filtering sea water in a number of high profile desalination plants around the world.


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