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1. Price changes

Waterco reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice.


2. Returned goods

Goods returned for credit by prior arrangement and must be accompanied by written details of the original delivery date and other relevant information. Returns may be subject to a handling charge at Waterco’s discretion according to the circumstances. Waterco will not be responsible for the freight charges for the return of such goods.


3. Ownership of goods

Risk in all goods supplied by Waterco to the customer shall pass:

(a) when goods are delivered to the customer where delivery is within the metropolitan areas as defined by Waterco and delivery is provided by Waterco or
(b) where delivery is outside the metropolitan area as defined by Waterco, then the risk shall pass immediately the goods leave Waterco premises and the customer shall ensure that appropriate transit insurance cover has been taken out in respect of such goods. However, ownership of the goods in all cases shall be retained by Waterco until payment is received in full such goods and for all goods supplied by Waterco to the customer. Until payment is made, the customer will hold the goods as fiduciary bailee and agent for Waterco, the agency being solely for the purpose of accounting for sale proceeds. If the customer fails to make payment within the due time as stipulated by Waterco, Waterco shall have the right to enter upon the premises of the customer and regain possession of the said goods. If such goods are sold by the customer prior to payment, or if they become constituents of other goods, then the customer will hold those proceeds of sale which equate to the amount owing for the goods on trust for and account for them to Waterco. In the event that the customer fails to make payment within the due time as stipulated by Waterco, Waterco shall have the right to enter upon the premises of the customer and to regain possession of the said goods. In the event that such goods are sold by the customer prior to payment thereof, or if they shall become constituents of other goods, then the proceeds of sale thereof shall be the property of Waterco.


4. Order

The customer shall, within seven (7) days upon receipt of a completed order, report to Waterco, in writing, all incorrect deliveries. Deliveries shall be assumed to be correct and no adjustment shall be made unless such notice is provided to Waterco within seven (7) days of the date of delivery.


5. Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery may be available upon request, however charges might be applicable to the customer to reprint or reproduce the Proof of Delivery.


6. Intellectual Property

The purchaser must not use Waterco’s intellectual property (Trade Marks/ Logos/ Images) without Waterco’s written permission.

7. Compliance with Privacy Law

a) Where a party discloses to the other party any Personal Information, the recipient must:

i) comply with the Privacy Law in respect of its holding, use and disclosure of that Personal Information. In the case that recipient is not bound by the Privacy Law, recipient must treat such Personal Information in the same manner as if recipient was bound by the Privacy Law;
ii) use the Personal Information only for the purposes of fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement;
iii) acknowledge that if recipient breaches the Privacy Law, the disclosing party may be held to be in breach of the Privacy Law and accordingly recipient warrants to the disclosing party that it, or its agents will not act in any way, or fail to take relevant action so that recipient contravenes the provisions of the Privacy Law;

b) Each party warrants that it has in place:

i) a system to detect and report when an event has occurred that may give rise to reasonable grounds to suspect an Eligible Data Breach has occurred; and
ii) a system to investigate and assess a suspected Eligible Data Breach within 30 days of becoming aware of a suspected breach, including a documented procedure for making an evaluation of each investigation.


c) In the event of a suspected Eligible Data Breach the breached party will notify the other and cooperate to minimise loss of goodwill, including liaising on client communications.

d) The breached party indemnifies the other for any loss of data resulting from an Eligible Data Breach where the OAIC determines the breached party did not comply with the Privacy Act, or, if no determination is formally made by the OAIC, a court of competent jurisdiction so determines.

e) For the purposes of this clause, Eligible Data Breach has the meaning set out in section 26WE of the Privacy Act. Personal Information has the same meaning as the given in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Privacy Law means the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any legislation (to the extent that such legislation applies to either party or any other recipient of Personal Information) from time to time in force in any Australian jurisdiction (which includes the Commonwealth of Australia and any State or Territory of Australia) affecting privacy, personal information or the collection, handling, storage, processing, use or disclosure of personal data.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Important note: The benefits under this warranty are in addition to other legal rights and remedies you may have in relation to Waterco products.


  1. These terms and conditions carefully, as failure to comply may affect your legal rights under this warranty; and
  2. Any operation instructions carefully before commencing use of any product manufactured by Waterco Limited (“Waterco”). Waterco manufactures quality pool and spa products to the highest standards using the most advanced technology and production procedures available.


If a defect occurs in any Waterco product during the warranty period, Waterco will at its discretion, repair the product or replace free of charge provided that the defect results solely from poor workmanship or materials and subject to these terms and conditions.

Labour is covered by this warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase or installation, within a 25 km (15 miles) radius of an authorised Waterco Service Agent.

The purchaser is responsible for any freight incurred.

This warranty is valid and enforceable only in the country where the Waterco product was purchased by the original purchaser, provided that Waterco has intended that the Product be offered for sale in that country. Depending on the country, particular and variable warranties may apply in relation to applicable legislation or term of sales by the original purchaser.



All products sold by Waterco are covered by a one year warranty. The exceptions to this are the products listed in the schedule (which also specifies relevant warranty periods). All warranty periods commence on the date of purchase by the end user.

The provisions of this warranty are not transferable and are in addition to and not in modification of or subtraction from any applicable statutory warranties, rights or remedies.



This warranty only applies where:

  1. The products requiring installation have been sold with installation included and have been installed by a licenced plumber, electrician or person who has completed an accredited course in swimming pool care and maintenance appropriate to the region or a person with more than 12 months on the job learning or a person supervised by one of these people, in accordance with any written installation instructions provided.
  2. The products have been operated in accordance with written instructions supplied by Waterco;
  3. The purchaser is able to provide proof of purchase that specifies the date of purchase;
  4. The product has been serviced or maintained regularly.
  5. Any pump using an electric motor has:
    • Been adequately ventilated to avoid over heating;
    • Not been run on an electrical extension cord; and
    • Been installed in an area that is free from flooding or excessive outside contact with water;
  6. Any pump has not been allowed to run dry (as this causes excessive damage to both the pump and motor);
  7. Any pool and spa equipment has been used in water:
    1. With a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit);
      Note: Pumps domestic & commercial should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), excluding Portapac and Delta Hot pumps.
    2. With a pH range maintained between 7.2 – 7.6;
    3. That has been chemically balanced in accordance with the Langelier saturation index within a range of -0.2 to +0.2 to ensure that it is not corrosive or scale forming;
    4. That is not salt water (other than mild saline water conditions which are compatible with swimming pool salt water chlorination systems) – unless otherwise stated by Waterco in both the respective product labels and brochures that it is suitable for seawater applications; and
    5. That has been regularly treated with a sanitising system using bromine, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide in one of its compound forms, or generated in-situ, in concentrations (doses) recommended by the relative state or territory health departments. (In areas outside of Australia please refer to the local health department recommendations before use);
  8. Pressure gauges have not been exposed to frosting and freezing conditions and due care has been exercised when attaching them to any Waterco products;
  9. Electrical equipment has been adequately protected from salt air environments and from salt water; and
  10. Any pump used on a filter does not have a shut-off head that exceeds the pressure rating of the filter installed.

All repairs and replacements shall be carried out by Waterco or its authorised service dealer, unless otherwise authorised in writing by Waterco.

If an authorised service dealer is not available within 25 km (15 miles) of the purchaser’s area:
• The purchaser must contact the place of purchase or Waterco for further instructions and;
• The purchaser is responsible for any freight or infield labour costs.



This warranty does not cover, and Waterco will not be responsible for, any defect or damage caused or contributed to by:

  1. installation or use of the product other than in accordance with Waterco’s written instructions, any statutory requirements and these terms and conditions;
  2. use of the product for a purpose other than for which it was designed or sold;
  3. abuse, misuse, corrosion, internal and external, or normal wear and tear;
  4. any repairs or modifications whatsoever carried out by any person, other than a Waterco authorised service dealer;
  5. exposure to water not caused by a defect in the product; and
  6. transit of the product over which Waterco has no control.
  7. inadequate ventilation
  8. cement, pebbles, render or other pool surface finishes blocking the pump’s impeller
  9. insect and/or vermin infestation

Some three phase pumps are not supplied with thermal overload protection. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to have this provision installed by appropriately licensed electricians prior to the initial installation of the pump. All electrical work must comply with any appropriate statutory requirements. Warranty for installation of thermal overload protection is the sole responsibility of the licensed electrical contractor and not Waterco.



To the extent permitted by law Waterco excludes all liability it may have to the purchaser for indirect, special or consequential loss arising from or related to any defect in any Waterco product, or any act or omission of Waterco, including, but not limited to, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of revenue, lost opportunity, inconvenience, and damage to any property other than the Waterco product.

To the extent permitted by law, Waterco excludes all other conditions, guarantees, liabilities or representations that are not expressly set out in this agreement. These terms and conditions do not attempt to exclude, restrict or modify any applicable statutory rights, or any exercise of any statutory rights, or any liability imposed on Waterco by any law (including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010), if to do so would contravene that law or make any part of these terms and conditions void.


To the extent permitted by law, Waterco excludes all conditions and warranties implied into these terms and conditions and limits its liability for breach of any such condition or warranty that it cannot exclude to the greater of (at Waterco’s option);

  1. for goods:
    • Repairing or replacing those goods; or
    • Paying the cost of having those goods repaired or replaced; and
  2. for services:
    • Resupplying the services; or
    • Paying the cost of having those services resupplied.


The chemical balance of the water is a relationship between total alkalinity, pH, Calcium hardness and temperature. Waterco recommends that you have your water tested regularly (once a month) by your local pool professional. A record of testing should always be kept for reference.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so any such limitation may not apply.

This warranty gives specific legal rights. The purchaser may have other rights depending on the jurisdiction in which the Waterco product was purchased or the purchaser is located.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

All products not listed in below table are covered by a one year warranty.
Please note: Labour is covered by this warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase or installation, within a 25 km radius of an authorized Waterco Service Agent.

Product Range Domestic Application Commercial Application
All Fibreglass Filter Tank & Exotuf 10 years 5+5 year
• W250/W300 5+5 years 2 year
• All other W & WD Series 5 years 2+3 years
• Multiport Valve, Internal Fittings, Gauges 1 year 1 year
Thermoplastic (Model T) 5+5 years 1+4 years
Cartridge & Bag Filter Tank Body (TBF & TCF) 5+5 years 1 year
Commandomatic TCF Filter Tank Body 2+3 years 2 years
*All other parts 1 year 1 year
MultiCyclone 3 years 1 year
DE Filter 3+2 years 2 years
Aquabiome (ASM) Body 5 years 1 year
* Aquabiome Blower 1 year 1 year
Aquafleur & Stoneware purifier 1 year 1 year
Finsbury Undersink/Countertop (excluding filter cartridge) 3 years 3 years
*All Multiport Valve, Fittings & Gauges 1 year 1 year
Pump - Wet End 3 years 1 year
Except for Hydrostar MK4 and Hydrostar Plus 3 years 2 years
Pump - Dry End 2 years 1 year
Fulflo Pressure Pump 2 years 1 year
Delta & Portapac Pump 2 years 1 year
Digiheat 2 years 1 year
Gas Heater 2 years 1 year
Electroheat Series    
• Compressor 3 years 1 year
• Titanium Heat Exchanger 10 years 1 year
• All other components 2 years 1 year
• Tank & Panel 10 years 10 years
• Back-up Heater, Thermostat, Valves 1 year 1 year
Hydrochlor & Electrochlor series 3 years 1 year
UV Sterilizer (Solclear) 1 year 1 year
Chemflo Plus, except: 3 years 1 year
• Sensor 1 year 1 year
Hydroxypure system, except: 2 years 1 year
• pH & ORP Sensor 18 months 1 year
Admiral 2 years 1 year
Trident Eco & Hydro – Motor Unit, Cable, Power Supply 2 years 1 year
• Other parts 1 year 1 year
Trident Aqua 2 years 1 year
• Filter Canister 1 year 1 year
Trident Plus 3 years 1 year
Commercial Blue Line 2 years 2 years
Aquamaster 2 years 1 year
Underwater Light (Halogen) 2 years 1 year
Britestream LED Pool Light 2 years 2 years
Litestream LED Pool Light 1 year 1 year
Pool Light Transformer 1 year 1 year
Pool Accessories & Fittings 1 year 1 year