Maintain healthy, hygienic water year-round.

Dive into crystal clear and healthy pool and spa water with AquaPure


AquaPure has a wide range of pool chemicals organized into functional categories based on their similar functionalities to ensure they perform specific jobs suitable for your pool or lifestyle. 

Featuring nine specialised water-care categories, AquaPure pool and spa solutions include a few unique features, such as:

1. Comprehensive Solutions for Every Pool Lover
  • Most comprehensive selection for freshwater and saltwater pools
  • Concentrated formulas that work quickly and effectively
  • Manufactured with best-practice protocols and quality control standards

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2. Discover Our Aussie-Inspired, Easy-to-Use Products
  • Colour-coded labels that make it easy to find the right product when you need it
  • Easy-to-understand product names focus on the solution, not the problem
  • A contemporary new look that symbolises its Australian origins

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