All purpose Algaecide

AquaPure All Purpose Algaecide is a highly concentrated pool algaecide for stubborn algae problems. Breaking down the protective membrane of algae allowing the sanitiser to kill the algae. AquaPure All Purpose Algaecide also disrupts the algal cell metabolism and does not contain metals which make it the perfect choice for all type of pools.

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AquaPure All-Purpose Algaecide is a highly concentrated pool algaecide for stubborn algae problems.

  • High strength pool algaecide for persistent algae problems

  • Compatible with other pool chemicals: AquaPure All-Purpose Algaecide is compatible with other pool chemicals, including chlorine and bromine. This compatibility ensures that the algaecide works effectively without interfering with the sanitising properties of other pool treatments

  • Can be used as a year-round treatment

  • Metal-free algaecides effectively control algae growth in the pool without causing staining on the pool surface. Copper and silver-based algaecides can sometimes lead to unsightly stains on the pool walls and floor. Metal-free alternatives prevent this issue, keeping your pool visually appealing.

  • Can be used in ionized pools

  • Compatible with chlorine, and has negligible effect on pH, total alkalinity, and hardness

How to Use:

AquaPure All-Purpose Algaecide is simple to use. Simply pour the required amount directly into the pool around the edge with the filtration pump running.

Dosage Rate: Initial treatment 100mL/10,000L of pool water. Thereafter, 30mL/10,000L of pool water fortnightly.

  1. To get the best results from using AquaPure All-Purpose Algaecide always follow the manufacturer's instructions: Always read and follow the product label and the manufacturer's guidelines for proper usage, dosage, and application.

  2. Always use the correct dosage: Avoid underdosing or overdosing the algaecide. Use the recommended dosage based on the size of your pool and the severity of algae growth. Overdosing can often lead to foaming of the pool water.

  3. Apply during down time of the pool: It's best to apply the AquaPure All-Purpose Algaecide When the pool is not in use. This allows the chemical to disperse and work effectively without any interference from swimmers. Wait for the recommended duration before allowing swimmers back into the pool.

  4. Test and balance pool water: Before applying AquaPure All-Purpose Algaecide (Or any algaecide), test and balance your pool water. Ensure that the pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are within the appropriate range. Properly balanced water helps the algaecide work optimally and maintains a healthy swimming environment.

  5. Monitor and maintain pool cleanliness: Regularly monitor your pool water for signs of algae growth or any other issues. Keep the pool clean by removing debris, brushing walls and floors, and regularly backwashing or cleaning the pool filter. A clean and well-maintained pool will enhance the effectiveness of the algaecide.

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