Black Spot Algae Remover

AquaPure Black Spot Algae Remover is a 90% sodium trichlor algaecide for treatment of black spot and stubborn algae issues.

Only to be used in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pools. 

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AquaPure Blackspot Algae Remover has a high chlorine / low pH.

  • Highly concentrated, contains 900g/kg of sodium trichlor

  • Effective against blue-green and black algae

  • Non-metallic

  • Not affected by high levels of chlorine

  • Low pH promotes better performance

  • Kills black spot ‘blue-green' algae

  • Granules can be directed towards the affected area

  • Dissolves slowly to stay in contact with the affected area longer

How to Use:

Recommended Dosage Initial dose 150mL/10,000L of pool water (heavy outbreaks), 110mL/10,000L (light outbreaks), 40-60mL/10,000L (preventative).

  1. Only to be used in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pools.

  2. Test and Balance Pool Water: Before applying the Blackspot Algaecide, test your pool water's pH, chlorine levels, and alkalinity. Ensure that the water is properly balanced according to recommended ranges. Balanced water helps the algaecide work more effectively and prevents potential interactions that could reduce its efficacy.

  3. Identify Affected Areas: Identify the areas in your pool where black algae is present. These areas typically have dark spots that feel rough to the touch. Blackspot Algaecide can be applied directly to these spots for targeted treatment. It's important to avoid dispersing the granules throughout the entire pool.

  4. Apply Algaecide Carefully: Use a pool brush or similar tool to lightly scrub the affected black algae spots before applying the Blackspot Algaecide, This helps to break up the algae's protective layer and allows the algaecide to penetrate more effectively. Sprinkle the granules directly onto the affected areas as per the product instructions. Avoid adding excess algaecide to prevent over-treatment.

  5. Regular Maintenance is Key! Treating black algae is a multi-step process that may require repeated applications over time. After the initial treatment, monitor your pool regularly and reapply the granular algaecide as needed. Additionally, maintaining proper pool sanitisation, circulation, and regular brushing can help prevent black algae from returning.


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