General Purpose Algaecide & Clarifier

AquaPure General Algaecide & Clarifier is a uniquely formulated and highly concentrated, heavy duty metal free algaecide with a built-in clarifier to be used in swimming pools, fountains, and ponds. The inexpensive, economical polymer is widely regarded as the most effective algaecide to combat a green pool and can remove all forms of algae.

AquaPure General Purpose Algaecide & Clarifier can also be used as an off-season winterizing treatment.


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  • Inexpensive: only small dosage needed - effective algaecide to combat algae and green pools

  • Metal Free Element: allows the product to be used in Ionised pools, and is effective at both high and low pH levels

  • Anti Foam: It will not foam unlike other non metal based algaecides, and is Compatible with all sanitisers, surfaces, and chemicals

  • Sanitising effectiveness: Its compatibility ensures to not interfere with the sanitizing and disinfecting effectiveness of halogenated products, like chlorine and other sanitising systems such as biguanide

How to Use:

For best results follow the manufacturer’s directions

when using to treat an algae outbreak always follow some simple rules.

  1. Backwash the filter & return to filter mode
  2. Super chlorinate
  3. Brush pool surface
  4. Add, the recommended dose of AquaPure General Purpose Algaecide
  5. continue to run filtration until the water clears
  6. 24 hours following treatment brush pool walls and pool and remove settled algae by vacuuming
  7. Test and balance the pool water

Dosage Rate:

  • Initial Dosage: Use 150ML per 10,000 Litres.
  • Maintenance Dosage: Use 80ML product per 10,000 Litres every seven days.


For keeping your pool Algae free all year round, follow these simple tips.

  1. Maintain a complete water balance

  2. Use an algaecide as a maintenance dose as instructed by the manufacturer

  3. Super chlorinate the pool water weekly, to remove any organic build-up

  4. Remove Phosphates and maintain a Zero level in the pool water

  5. Keep a recommended level of Sanitiser in the water

  6. Operate your filtration system at least 8 hours per day or as per recommended by your pool professional.

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