Salt Cell Cleaner

AquaPure Salt Cell Cleaner is a highly concentrated cell cleaner designed to remove calcium scale deposits and organic matter build up from salt chlorinator cells. The chemical composition of the product in combination with the chemicals commonly found in the pool water makes the crystalline structures of the calcium build up softer. AquaPure Salt Cell Cleaner is an essential component of routine maintenance of pools which extends its life, with one treatment lasting for 6 months.

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The use of AquaPure Salt Cell Clean will not only limit the build up of calcium scale on salt cells plates, Salt Cell clean will also soften any deposit on the pool surface, making them easier to remove.

  • Designed to maximise the life and efficiency of salt water chlorinators

  • Advanced magnesium based formulation

  • Reduce the time spent cleaning your salt cell

  • One treatment lasts for 6 months

  • Can be used with all types of salt or mineral chlorinators

  • Convenient resealable pack

How to Use:

Cleaning salt chlorinator cells

  1. Turn off pump, filter, and sale chlorinator

  2. Remove the salt chlorinator cell

  3. Immerse the cell in a clean plastic bucket containing salt cell cleaner, leave for 10-15 minutes or until the cell appears clean

  4. Rinse with fresh water and re-assemble the chlorinator

Cleaning slatted pool covers and pool surrounds

  1. Using a clean plastic bucket carefully dilute. For heavy scale deposits, use 1 part product to 5 parts waters. For light scale deposits, use 1-part products to 10 parts waters

  2. Apply the resultant solution to the cover using a suitable brush, ensuring maximum coverage of the affected areas

  3. Leave the product on the cover for a maximum of 15 minutes, for older scale deposits further brushing may be required

  4. After 15 minutes thoroughly rinse/wash the treated waters

  1. Regular Inspection of the salt cell: In addition to using Salt Cell Cleaner, periodically inspect your salt cell for any signs of calcium build-up or scaling. If you notice deposits forming on the cell's electrodes, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning.

  2. Monitor and Maintain Pool Chemistry: Using Salt Cell Cleaner doesn't replace the need for regular pool water chemistry maintenance. Continuously monitor and balance your pool's pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and other chemical levels as recommended by your pool care routine. Properly balanced water chemistry not only ensures the effectiveness of the Salt Cell Clean but also contributes to a comfortable and safe swimming environment.

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