Bromine Sanitiser

AquaPure Spa Bromine Sanitiser is the perfect sanitiser for your spa as they are not affected by the water temperature or the pH of the water, unlike traditional chlorine based sanitisers.

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Full description

  1. No residue, slow dissolving & contains no calcium.

  2. Fully soluble & has a minimal effect on pH

  3. Ideal sanitiser for water > 26°C

How to Use:

AquaPure Spa Bromine Sanitiser is simple to use.

It is best to use the Spa Bromine Sanitiser Tablets with a floating dispenser, adding the required amount of tablets and adjusting the flow through the floating dispenser to allow correct dissolve rates.

Dosage Rate: 1 tablet per 1000L of spa water

  1. Test and Maintain Water Balance: Regularly test your spa water's pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. Ensure they are within the recommended range for your spa. Balanced water not only enhances the effectiveness of spa bromine but also prevents corrosion or scaling.

  2. Use a Quality Test Kit: Invest in a reliable spa water test kit or take your spa water to your local pool & spa water specialist and follow the instructions. Test the water at least once a week and adjust the bromine levels as needed to maintain proper sanitisation.

  3. Proper Bromine Dispenser: Use a floating dispenser or a bromine feeder designed for spa use to distribute the tablets evenly throughout the water. Adjust the dispenser settings according to the size of your spa and your desired bromine level.

  4. Regularly Check and Adjust Bromine Levels: Monitor your spa's bromine levels consistently. Keep them within the recommended range, typically 2-4 ppm (parts per million). Add bromine tablets as needed to maintain this level, especially after spa usage.

  5. Shock Treatment: Periodically, use a non chlorine shock in your spa water to oxidize contaminants and refresh the bromine's effectiveness. Use a non-chlorine shock treatment to avoid introducing chlorine to your spa. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the recommended shock treatment frequency.

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