Alkalinity Increaser

AquaPure Alkalinity Increaser raises the total alkalinity of your pool and acts as a pH buffer. Pool water treated with AquaPure Alkalinity Increaser will have a pH that is more comfortable to swim in.

Assists in protecting pool equipment & surfaces.

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AquaPure Alkalinity Increaser assists in protecting pool equipment & surfaces, by maintaining the Total Alkalinity within the correct ranges.

  • Totally soluble in any water conditions.

  • Has a shelf life of several years if stored in cool, dry conditions.

  • Is a non-hazardous chemical.

  • Excellent at buffering the pH of pool water at a level comfortable for swimming and appropriate for chlorine disinfection.

How to Use:

AquaPure Alkalinity Increaser can be added to the pool water in two ways, either, Add the product directly into the water prior to use or mix it in a bucket of water as per the label instructions and then pour around the perimeter of the pool.

Allow pump to run 4 hours prior to re-testing.

Dosage Rate: Add 150g per 10,000L to raise the Total Alkalinity by 10ppm.

  1. Monitor pH Levels: While Alkalinity Increaser primarily targets alkalinity, it can also influence pH levels to some extent. As you adjust alkalinity using Alkalinity Increaser, keep an eye on your pool's pH. If you notice the pH drifting too high (above 7.8), you might need to use pH Decreaser to maintain a balanced pH level. Regularly testing and maintaining both alkalinity and pH levels will help ensure a stable and comfortable swimming environment.

  2. Gradual Adjustment: When adding Alkalinity Increaser to your pool to raise alkalinity, it's important to make gradual adjustments. Avoid adding large amounts all at once, as this can lead to overshooting the desired alkalinity level. Instead, add a portion of the recommended amount, allow the water to circulate, and mix thoroughly, then retest and repeat the process as needed until you reach the target alkalinity range.

  3. Maintain Proper Circulation: After adding Alkalinity Increaser to your pool, ensure that your pool's filtration system runs for several hours. Proper circulation helps distribute the Alkalinity Increaser evenly throughout the pool water, aiding in achieving consistent alkalinity levels.

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