Granular Chlorine & Conditioner

AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner is blended chlorine, containing a high concentration of trichlor and sodium tetraborate.

The blend of the high concentration of trichlor and a water enhancer (sodium tetraborate) makes this the perfect product for multiple uses.

It can be used as a standard chlorine for sanitising the swimming pool water or used as a great addition to your algae treatment (for treating green or black algae). The regular addition of Sodium tetraborate enhances the water quality giving it a soft silky feeling.

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  • Ideal alternative to liquid chlorine

  • A blend of stabilised granular chlorine and a water enhancer

  • AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner has no residue

  • The regular addition of the sodium tetra borate enhances water quality, providing a soft silky feel to the pool water

  • UV protected

  • Built-in chlorine stabiliser to protect the chlorine from harmful UV rays

  • Can be used as a saltwater boost or shock treatment

  • Can be used as an Algae treatment (for treating Green or Black Algae)

How to Use:

Adding AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner granules directly into the skimmer box while the filtration system is in operation is an easy and convenient way to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your pool water.

No use if a Multi Cyclone pre filter is installed.

Dosage Rate: 20g per 10,000 litres per day, via the skimmer box with pump running

  1. AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner is a strong chlorine based sanitiser, follow the instructions carefully when adding granules to the skimmer box. Using too much can lead to over chlorination, while using too little may not provide adequate sanitation.

  2. Regularly test the chlorine and pH levels in your pool and adjust as needed. AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner can affect the pH balance of your pool, so it's important to keep an eye on the levels and adjust as necessary.

  3. Unlike other granular pool chemicals, AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner does not need to be pre-dissolved before adding to your skimmer box. Simply pour the granules into the skimmer basket while the filtration pump is running and let them dissolve naturally.

  4. Keep the skimmer box clean: Make sure to clean out your skimmer box regularly to prevent build-up and ensure proper flow of water and chemicals.

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