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Domestic pumps

A variety of domestic pumps can be used for spas, above ground pools to large domestic in ground pools. Some models of domestic pumps are only suitable for smaller sized swimming pools, so check with an expert before purchasing and installing any pump system.

Most domestic or commercial pumps are used for the purpose of recirculation, drawing water from the pool and pumping water through the filter. It is the filtration pump that normally operates the longest hours, with the average domestic pool pump running for around six to eight hours a day.

Domestic pumps can be used in conjunction with pool ancillaries such as heating, in-floor cleaning, and water features.

Ancillary pumps

Ancillary pumps are pumps used for purposes other than filtration. This could be a dedicated pump for solar or heating, whether integrated [drawing water from the filtration circuit] or independently plumbed, drawing water directly from the pool and returning heated water to the pool on a separate circuit. Other examples include, water features, dedicated pumps for swim jets, in-floor cleaners or pressure pool cleaners.