Suction cleaners

Quick to install, easy to operate and made from hard-wearing materials, Waterco's Swimkleen pool cleaners help keep pool water sparkling with minimal effort.

From the entry-level Swimkleen2 to the smart-drive Swimkleen-NAV and high-end Swimkleen-ATV, you are sure to find the right Swimkleen for your budget and pool.

How it works:

A good filtration system isn’t the only key to keeping your pool water pristine; an automatic pool cleaner removes a great deal of debris from your pool’s floor and some from your pool walls as well.

There are currently four kinds of automatic pool cleaners on the Australian market; suction, robotic, in-floor and pressure cleaners.

Suction cleaners are one of the most popular kind of cleaners on the market. They are fixed to the pool’s skimmer and operate on the suction created by the pool’s pump, thus acting like an underwater vacuum cleaner. They are also attached to your pool’s filter system, as they need to deposit leaves and larger debris in the skimmer box, and the finer sediment is trapped in the pool’s filter system. 

  • While it sucks debris off the bottom of the pool, it is also sucking water through the filtration system, turning over more water in a shorter amount of time
  • Can remove finer particles because it is attached to your filter
  • Cheapest pool cleaner option
  • Easy to install and use
  • Swimkleen-NAV & Swimkleen ATV are suction cleaners suitable for use with variable speeds pumps as these are specially equipped with V-Flex technology.
  • There are various restrictions of suction cleaners, including the fact that they are fitted into a pool’s skimmer, reducing the pool’s skimming ability to clean the debris at the surface of the pool water and also reducing its turnover by adding a restriction to its pool circulation. The debris goes straight to the filtration system, which requires backwashing or maintenance
  • To operate a disc type suction cleaner effectively, the pool pump needs to operate at higher speeds, negating any energy savings from the use of variable speed pumps

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