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Transform your pool into a therapeutic oasis



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Magnesium enriched pool water is also known for its mild flocking abilities, which helps increase the capability of the pool filter to remove particularly fine material such as dust and dirt to create a crystal-clear swimming pool.

Vitale Mineral salt combines high-grade magnesium chloride (the same used in our Mineral Crystals) and premium pool salt with a unique blend of proprietary balancing chemicals.


Vitale Mineral Salts maintains perfect pool chemistry by reducing pH and Alkalinity fluctuations associated with salt chlorinated pools.

Vitale’s high-quality magnesium creates a more enjoyable swimming experience due to its ability to soften the water and produce a silky texture. It also infuses it with natural properties that can ease tight muscles and soothe sensitive skin.

Main Features:

  • The mineral-rich blend creates silky swimming conditions
  • The moisturising formula soothes sensitive skin
  • Provides relief to muscular inflammation and fatigue
  • Reduces time and costs associated with water chemistry
  • Help to minimise fluctuations of pH and Alkalinity

Available Pack Sizes:

  • 20 kg  bags



What’s the difference between Mineral Crystals and Vitale Mineral Salts?

Mineral Crystals are high purity magnesium chloride crystals, whilst the Vitale Mineral salts blend is high purity magnesium chloride crystals, pool salts and a proprietary blend of balancing chemicals.

What is the recommended use of Vitale Mineral Salts?

Mineral Crystal is recommended to be used when converting a salt pool into a mineral pool. On the other side, Vitale Mineral Salts is recommended for starting new pools (as a mineral pool) or as the go-to product for topping up salt and magnesium in minerals pools.

Does the above means I should use Mineral Crystals for converting pools?

No, it’s doesn’t. Mineral Crystals can be used to top up the magnesium levels in a mineral pool. However, the combination of both products allows us to allow the swimmers/bathers to choose their preferred outcome.

Can I Use Vitale for a pool without saltwater chlorinators?

If a swimmer/bather wants to obtain the therapeutic benefits of magnesium is recommended to use Mineral Crystals as Vitale also contains pool salt.

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