Robotic cleaners

A good filtration system isn’t the only key to keeping your pool water pristine; a pool cleaner removes
a great deal of debris from your pool’s floor and some from your pool walls as well.

How it works:

The new generation robotic pool cleaners are gaining popularity with time-poor homeowners who want to spend the day enjoying their pool instead of vacuuming! Robotic cleaners vacuum and trap pool debris in self-contained compartments or bags. This technique saves you from having to do excessive backwashing or rinsing the pool’s filter, which is the case with suction style cleaners.

Robotic cleaners are not connected to anything, and some have remote controls to control the cleaner’s movements or to program the cleaner for specific cleaning functions. You can automatically and systematically clean your swimming pool without relying on the operation of filtering equipment. The result is a dramatic reduction in energy costs when compared to all other types of automatic pool cleaners.



  • Today’s top-of-the-line robotic cleaners combine user-friendly operation with water, energy and chemical conservation features
  • Requires minimal electrical power to operate its inbuilt pump and motor.
  • Independent to the pump and filter system, allowing better circulation of water
  • It will free up the skimmer box and enable leaves to be skimmed from the surface of the pool
  • Some can be controlled by remote control to allow you to guide it those hard to clean spots.
  • Equipped with scrubbing brushes, so not only do they vacuum the pool’s floor and/or walls, but they also scrub the actual surface, regardless of whether it’s vinyl, fibreglass or concrete
  • Minimal maintenance and effort on your part
  • Helps to circulate water through the pool, resulting in less algae growth and improved water chemistry


  • Most expensive type of cleaner (prices starting from $1000 to over $2000)
  • It’s recommended by manufacturers that you remove the cleaner after each use
  • The cleaner’s internal filter bag or cartridge require emptying and cleaning
  • The cleaner’s cable needs to be wound up and stored correctly after each operation

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