Conserving the Qualities of An Icon

Wed, 21 Jun 2023

Conserving the Qualities of An Icon

Located in the heart of Sunway City – Asia’s leading fully-integrated premier hospitality and entertainment destination, Sunway Resort Hotel is one of Malaysia’s most iconic five-star hotels. Being inter-connected to the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall and Sunway Lagoon theme park, guests can leap from endless choices of retailers
to thrilling rides within minutes.

Within its compound, Sunway Resort Hotel offers a comparable immersive experience all the same. From a vast range of smartly designed rooms and suites perfectly tailored for diverse guests, and extraordinary dining experiences such as the world-class cuisine at Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill, to countless other impressive facilities and services, Sunway Resort Hotel has it all! Among others, are compulsory resort amenities – swimming pools, and Sunway Resort Hotel even comes with more than one of those.

Surrounded by shady sundecks, sunbeds, lush foliage and cascading waterfalls, is Sunway Resort Hotel’s very own freeform landscaped pool at Level 1. And featuring shallow pools, a water playground and a host of exhilarating recreational activities, is the Waterventure at Level 5, a dedicated fun-filled zone made for kids.

Freeform Landscaped Swimming Pool for All (@Level 1)

Waterventure for Kids (@Level 5)

Ageing Equipment
Before the renovation, Sunway Resort Hotel’s swimming pools were facing issues that arose from the inevitable ageing of equipment. For instance, the motor had rusted with time, thereby causing leakage, and at times, a short circuit. Also, because the bearing of the motor had worn off, the pump and motor tended to be uncomfortably noisy when operating. There was also an issue of current fluctuation caused by the aged motor, leading to less-than-ideal pumping performance and efficiency. Adding to the list of irritating problems was the frequent airlock caused by low suction.

Being part of the leading hospitality icons and top-notch service providers, Sunway Resort Hotel was determined to resolve all its swimming pool-related issues. And that point in time, was when Waterco’s products came into play.

The Comprehensive Waterco Solution

In search of the best-suited solution to its troubles, Sunway Resort Hotel approached Paltech Engineering & Trading, Waterco’s authorized dealer. Upon analysing and studying the hotel’s concerns, Paltech came up with a proposal to go for Waterco’s pump and filtration system. Not to state the obvious, but the hotel’s representative was impressed with what Waterco could offer.

For one, Waterco has impressive track record and project references.

And despite their top-tier quality, Waterco products come with an affordable and reasonable price tag. What’s more, 99% of Waterco product parts are made locally in Malaysia – an attractive feature in the long run which can ease maintenance work, save maintenance costs and reduce parts procurement time.

Ultimately, Paltech recommended the following bundle to cater to Sunway Resort Hotel’s needs:

Waterco Micron Fibreglass Filters setup at Sunway Resort Hotel


Night view with crystal clear pool

Project Challenge & Outcome
During the project, the team encountered some minor logistic issues. They faced difficulties arranging the delivery and installation times due to the allocated operation hours by the hotel management. Regardless, everything proceeded fine in the end with smart planning and skilful coordination work by the entire team, both from Paltech’s end and Waterco’s side.

With the newly installed Waterco pool filtration system, Sunway Resort Hotel can have peace of mind knowing that its swimming pools will be kept clean and clear, and most importantly, in a safe manner without the risk of short circuits and in a quiet manner without the unpleasant noises. In addition, Waterco’s system will ease future maintenance, not to mention requiring less of it. As a result, less costly maintenance expenses and a more cost-efficient operation!

Here’s what the Sunway Resort Hotel’s representative has to say:

“Upon the completion of the installation, we monitored all pumps and motors, and their performance are very good. The zero breakdown of the system has definitely met our standard. The system has also provided us with energy saving.”

– Mr Silavarazoo A/L Antony

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Download: Sunway Resort Hotel Case Study.pdf

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