First-ever water filtration system with automated valve technology

Wed, 1 Mar 2023

First-ever water filtration system with automated
valve technology 

Water quality concerns 

Built and completed circa 1997, Menara Chan, like many other older office buildings, faced the issue of old, galvanised pipes in its plumbing system. As a consequence, rusted particles or debris were at times observed in the water storage tanks. Moreover, the water supply in the building tended to be murky and dirty, causing building tenants to raise concerns about the water quality and safety of potable water. 

Solution: Seek the consultation of Waterco

Recognising the grievance of its tenants and the problem at hand, Menara Chan’s developer/owner, Chim Mooi Realty Sdn. Bhd. approached Waterco for consultation and solution recommendations. Waterco was considered and chosen because of its reputable local brand, great track record and outstanding customer service. 
















Aquaflo centralised water filtration system installed in the basement of Menara Chan.

Proposal: Waterco Aquaflo AAQ600 Centralised Water Filter + Aquamatic 100 Auto Backwash Valve 

Upon investigating the issues at Menara Chan, Waterco proposed an installation of an Aquaflo AAQ600 Centralised Water Filtration System, equipped with an Aquamatic 100 Auto Backwash Valve.  

It is worth noting that this is the first-ever Waterco project to adopt the new automated valve technology.

Outcome: Improved water quality

After the installation of the filter system, laboratory test results of the water supply showed significant improvement in terms of water turbidity, iron content and manganese content. 

Brief description of Waterco Aquaflo Water Filtration System and Aquamatic Auto Backwash Valve

Aquaflo Centralised Water Filtration System
The Aquaflo centralised filtration system is a one-stop solution for buildings, be they residential, commercial or industrial. It uses multi-layered-media technology to eliminate hazardous compounds and enhance water quality. The Aquaflo fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) used as the material of the main body is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a superb choice for retrofit projects. Additionally, its weatherproof and chemically inert characteristics will ensure it lasts for decades, with minimum maintenance effort and cost. 

Besides, the entire series of Aquaflo centralised filtration systems consist of various filter sizes and mounting types (top mount/side mount) to suit specific facility designs, needs and conditions. 

The multiple functions and modes (i.e., filter/backwash/rinse modes) of the Aquaflo centralised filtration system make it easy for users to clean the filter regularly. Moreover, with the option of an auto valve and automated backwashing and rinsing, the entire operation and maintenance of the filtration system become even more convenient (see next section).















Aquaflo Water Filter 
(AAQ600: top-mount config) 



Aquamatic Auto Backwash Valve 
Fitting an Aquamatic auto backwash valve to the water filtration system enables the water filtration process to be fully automated. Continuous filtration, automated backwashing and automated rinsing can be programmed and set based on a pre-determined time lapse. That way, time can be saved, costs can be reduced, and maintenance becomes easier and more simplified than ever.








Aquamatic Auto Backwash Valve
(Aquamatic 100)


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Download: Menara Chan Case Study.pdf



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