Murky Water? Not Anymore!

Wed, 8 Mar 2023

Murky Water? Not Anymore!

The Senai Garden is a service apartment located in Taman Impian Senai, Johor. Closed to various modern-day amenities, it promises a contemporary lifestyle to its residents. From schools, shopping centres and health facilities to transportation facilities, the residents of Senai Garden can essentially enjoy all the conveniences within a stone’s throw away. The residents, however, faced an everyday challenge that disrupted their urban life – clean water supply – which happens to be one of the cornerstones of a present-day standard of living.

Owing to the multiple project developments surrounding Senai Garden, the water quality of the municipal water supply tended to be awfully inconsistent. As a result, the building management team spared no effort to find a solution to ensure the water supply the residents receive can always be clean and safe.

While the solution might be pretty clear-cut – install a reliable water filtration system, this feat proved to be quite challenging. Prior to approaching Waterco, Senai Garden Apartment’s developer, KCC Realty, had tried out different filtration system solutions for their various projects, including stainless-steel filters. These filters, even though possess the much-needed filtration power, faced the problem of wear and tear. In merely a few years into operation, these stainless-steel vessels started to show signs of rusting from exposure to the weather. This is understandable because although stainless steel is known to be corrosion resistant, it is an iron-based alloy, which after prolonged exposure to corrosive elements, will develop rust with time. This is particularly applicable to Malaysia’s climate where we have abundant rain and high humidity.

Therefore, in the case of the Senai Garden Apartment, its management team wished to opt for a long-lasting, durable water filtration system. Additionally, they were hoping to find a system which is easy to operate and requires less maintenance.

Waterco Filtration System

Recognising the requests of the management team, Waterco installed two units of Aquaflo Centralised Water Filters (model: AQ900X) to cater to the filtration needs of Senai Garden. Considering the high water consumption needs of the community, the higher-capacity model was proposed and provided for Senai Garden.
















Two units of Aquaflo Centralised Water Filters (model: AQ900X) were installed to cater to the filtration needs of Senai Garden


After the installation of the filter system, residents can enjoy a supply of clean, clear water at all times. As for the management team, they can rest assured that Waterco has provided them with a filtration system that is easy to manage, in the sense of both routine upkeep and long-term maintenance.

Bump in the Road

This project faced a minor setback: Typically, centralised water filters are installed right beside the main pipe of a building, which is what was done for this project initially. In the case of Senai Garden, however, water filters are not allowed outside the building compound as stipulated by the local authority. Besides, any modification to the main piping system is not permitted either.

In the end, this issue was resolved by relocating the filters to within the compounds of Senai Garden and routing the pipes inside accordingly.

Aquaflo Centralised Water Filtration System

The Aquaflo centralised filtration system uses fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) as the material of the main body, making it lightweight and easy to handle, and a superb choice for retrofit projects. Additionally, it is weatherproof and chemically inert, ensuring it will last for decades even after prolonged exposure to the ravages of weather.

Besides, the multiple functions and modes (i.e., filter/backwash/rinse modes) of the Aquaflo system make regular cleaning of the filter exceptionally easy and convenient for users.

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