Waterco Extends Exclusive Distribution Agreement with LiqTech

Wed, 8 Nov 2023

Waterco Extends Exclusive Distribution Agreement with LiqTech

Supply Advanced Aquatic Filtration Technology across Australia


Sydney, Australia, 07 August 2023 – Global water treatment and pool equipment manufacturer Waterco Limited (ASX:WAT) has solidified its partnership with clean technology company LiqTech by extending its exclusive distribution agreement to supply advanced silicone membrane filtration systems across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands.

Using nanotechnology, LiqTech develops products using proprietary silicon carbide technology, resulting in a wide range of component membranes, membrane systems, and filters for both microfiltration and ultrafiltration (UFF) applications.



This collaboration combines Waterco's expertise in water treatment with LiqTech's innovative filtration technologies to provide high-quality solutions for commercial aquatic applications in the global UFF market.

"We are excited to extend our exclusive partnership with LiqTech," says Commercial and Water Treatment Sales Manager of Waterco, Andy Gale. "This collaboration enables Waterco to offer customers the most advanced and environmentally-friendly filtration solutions available while widening our offering to the market generally. Our commitment to quality and sustainability aligns perfectly with LiqTech's vision, making this an excellent synergy for both companies."

LiqTech President and CEO Fei Chen says she is equally thrilled to extend the partnership.

"Waterco has been a fantastic partner for LiqTech and we are excited to continue our exclusive distribution agreement across Australasia," she explains. "Together, we will be able to reach a wider audience and make a substantial impact in the global aquatics and water treatment industries."

This partnership aims to provide innovative solutions specifically tailored to commercial aquatic facilities. Customers can expect an even more extensive selection of LiqTech's products, including advanced pool and spa filtration systems that prioritise efficiency, sustainability, and water purity.

"Waterco and LiqTech are committed to delivering top-tier customer support, technical expertise, and sustainable products, ensuring the continued satisfaction of customers," says Gale."







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