Aqua~Health Algae Guard Algaecide

A heavy duty algaecide free of metal which acts like a clarifier after treating an Algal bloom. Effective against all forms of algae. The highly concentrated formulation is a unique blend to work with all forms of sanitisers.

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The highly concentrated formulation is a uniquely formulated metal free, heavy duty algaecide with a built in clarifier. Kills Black spot, Blue-green, Mustard and Green Algae.


· Inexpensive and very effective

· Assists with clarification after treating Algae

· Compatible with all sanitisers, surfaces, and chemicals

· Will not affect water balance or bathers

· Can be used to remove all forms of algae

· Non foaming and non-staining

· Ideal for salt pools

· Ideal for Ionised pools

· Ideal for ornamental ponds and fountains


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