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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

Our coconut shell activated carbon is steam activated, which gives a high micro porous level. The high micro pore level makes it ideal for adsorption of small molecular weight organics compounds plus removal of pesticides, ozone, chlorine, odour, colour and PFAS.

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The low dust level makes handling and preparation safe and easy, whilst the high hardness level makes it more durable compared with other GAC types.
  • Waste water
  • Aquatic centers
  • Air filtration
  • Aquaculture
  • Potable water
  • Storm water
  • PFAS removal
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Chloramine's removal
Benefits of Coconut GAC
• Low dust
• High hardness level
• High micro porous level
• Renewable material



Available Pack Size: 25kg