Waterco’s Oxygen Cones

    Waterco’s Oxygen Cone is designed to allow the oxygen levels in water to be managed more effectively for higher quantities of fish per volume of water.
    The correct combination of oxygen, fresh water and food is essential for fish production, and maintaining water oxygen levels is a careful balancing act. By inserting a Waterco Oxygen Cone between the tank and the pump, it allows fish farmers to saturate the water with oxygen and fish to thrive and survive.

    For a long time fish farmers have been looking for a cost effective solution to manage the constant and essential ingredient of oxygen in their fish culture system. The Waterco Oxygen Cone significantly improves efficiency in fish farming with maximum control over the environment where fish are housed, making it a compelling component of the farming process.

    Waterco’s Oxygen Cone is shaped to optimise the saturation of gases in water — up to 100 per cent. Water and oxygen enter at the top of the cone at relatively high speed and then the stream of water pushes the oxygen bubbles down until they completely dissolve. By increasing oxygen levels, the cone allows fish farmers to increase productivity and push beyond traditional stocking rates, which offers significant benefits to profit margins.

    Aquaculture or fish farming, is developing, expanding and intensifying in almost all regions of the world, and continues to be the fastest growing animal food-producing sector. The industry standard for most species of fish is up to 50kg of stock to 1000 litres of water. Waterco’s Oxygen Cone enables stock levels to be increased, by directly infusing pure oxygen into the water column. This involves pure oxygen being injected, under pressure inside the cone, into the water delivery line and into the fish culture tanks.

    In addition, the design and shape of the oxygen cone ensures the water released from the cone with the oxygen solution is bubble free and no 'gas bubble' stress is inflicted on the fish.

    Key benefits of the Waterco Oxygen Cone:
    • Increased stock densities
    • Maximised growth capacity
    • Reduced cycle times
    • Reduced feed cost from improved feed utilisation
    • Minimised fish mortality
    • Reduced pumping costs due to decreased water recirculation

    The Oxygen Cone is available in different concentrations of dissolved oxygen



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