Drawing on the power of nature to produce oxygen-enriched swimming pool water

Tue, 20 Sep 2016


Creating a safer swimming environment for guests


"Many guests have commented on the clarity of the water… no chlorine smell or skin irritation associated with chlorinated pools."
Waterco spokesperson David Hutton

  • Responding to negative pool reviews with a chlorine-free sanitation solution
  • Oxidisation potential of hydroxypure higher than any other sanitiser agent
  • Drawing on the power of nature to produce oxygen-enriched water


In this era of user-generated content on travel websites like TripAdvisor, Adelaide’s Oaks Embassy recognises the power this can have on how consumers choose their accommodation. Part of the Oaks Hotels & Resorts hospitality group, Oaks Embassy in South Australia’s capital city was experiencing negative comments from guests about its fully enclosed, 34,000-litre swimming pool – specifically the strong smell of chloramines – so to ensure these comments didn’t make their way on to social media, the operators decided to upgrade to a more advanced, chlorine-free pool sanitisation solution.

In addition, the hotel management wanted the ability to have the system remotely monitored by a specialist, in order to ensure that the installation of the new technology was not going to lead to a stressful situation for the maintenance team on-site at the apartment hotel. It also needed to comply with the relevant South Australian Health Department guidelines and continue to meet performance standards to remain compliant.


In December 2014, Waterco’s Hydroxypure was retrofitted to the existing plant room along with two new Waterco Micron S602 ECO filters with Glass Pearl filter media. Endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia and approved by its Sensitive Choice® program, Hydroxypure was the only alternative system capable of maintaining compliance with existing standards. 


The Hydroxypure system continually sanitises your
swimming pool by testing the water and automatically
maintaining optimum levels of residual sanitiser


“Alternative products were considered but they were not a 100% chlorine-free alternative that could be remotely monitored,” said Waterco spokesperson David Hutton. “In addition, having the endorsement from the Sensitive Choice program was definitely an advantage. “Waterco is a recognised, global brand with an extremely good reputation for quality products – and that was also crucial in the decision process.

Hydroxypure’s Advance Oxidation Process has the superior ability to remove bacterial threats more effectively than any other oxidisation process currently available on the market.

For Oaks Embassy residents and guests, the difference to the pool water is tangible. “Many have commented on the clarity of the water and their skin having no chlorine smell or dryness associated with chlorinated pools,” said David.

Using Waterco’s Micron S602 ECO filter and Glass Pearl filter media was a perfect combination with the Hydroxypure system. The ECO filters represent the latest in fibreglass winding technology; they consist of an inner shell of fibreglass reinforced with multiple layers of continuous strands of fibreglass filaments. 

The Micron ECO features an internal hydraulicallyefficient
system, which is designed to facilitate energy and water savings.
Its unique ‘fish tail’ laterals ensure better water flow distribution through
the filter’s media bed, enhancing its filtration and backwashing efficiency.


Waterco’s multi award winning, MultiCyclone
technology is incorporated into the Hydroxypure
system. It maximises the strength of sanitisation by
cleverly performing the dual role of mixing the ozone
into the pool water and then providing adequate
contact time with the water to be fully effective.

Waterco’s Glass Pearls are made from pure glass, and filter out anything larger than three microns, providing superior quality water. The spherical shape of beads means less friction levels inside the filter, requiring only 20% of the water you would use to backwash a sand filter. They’re also chemically inert, safe, smooth and pure.


The use of ozone and Perox in harmony increases active oxygen levels in the water.
This synergy ensures the safety of water environments without
creating harmful chemical by-products.


Waterco’s naturally formulated Hydroxypure system uses a combination of Perox sanitiser (H²0²) and hybrid ozone (O³) in its Peroxone Treatment Process (PTP).

“This is considered the most significant innovation in pool treatment in 20 years,” said Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh. “It’s known as the new treatment process of the 21st century because of the reaction’s ability to remove all bacterial threats. It’s far superior to other oxidation processes currently available to the swimming pool market.”

Hydroxypure uses a combination of ozone and Perox sanitiser to create one of the most powerful oxidisers in nature. 

“The oxidisation potential of Perox and ozone is much higher than any other sanitiser agent used in swimming pools,” Bryan explained. “The by-product of chlorine reacting with ammonia in the water is the formation of chloramines, which can result in stinging eyes and also affect asthma sufferers.”

Hydroxypure inventor, Nick Briscoe said detrimental comments about the swimming pool were now a thing of the past. “The Hydroxypure system has definitely satisfied all of the Oaks Hotel’s requirements,” he said.

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