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Fri, 26 Jun 2020

Waterco's Electrochlor makes pools smarter and more energy efficient

Sydney, Australia, 26 June 2020 – Waterco (ASX:WAT) continues to set new benchmarks in sustainability with the water treatment manufacturer’s 10th product receiving SPASA’s coveted Climate Care Certified accreditation – more than any other company in the pool and spa sector.

Waterco's Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator makes domestic swimming pools smarter by automatically taking care of sanitisation, filtration and auxiliary equipment while increasing energy efficiency by over 50 per cent. Drawing less current translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, which it does without compromising chlorine output.

“Waterco is an environmentally conscious company that prides itself on developing water and energy efficient products for the pool, spa, water treatment, agriculture and aquaculture sectors,” explains group marketing director Bryan Goh. “Meeting SPASA’s stringent certification process ensures products like Electrochlor have the backing of an industry committed to helping consumers save money and save precious resources.”

Smart water flow detection

Electrochlor instinctively increases the speed of Waterco’s ECO-V Hydrostorm pool pump to overcome low water flow, which is typically caused when skimmer baskets need emptying and filters require cleaning. If the highest pump speed setting is reached and adequate water flow is still not able to be restored, the chlorinator will only then resort to switching off the pump to prevent the pump running dry.

“This feature allows people to set a low pump motor setting with the confidence that their pool won’t turn green from the pump completely shutting down when low water flow is detected,” Goh explains.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Waterco’s ECO-V Hydrostorm pool pump – which has an 8-star Energy Rating and is also Climate Care Certified – means savings of a further 80 per cent can be gained when operating on its low speed setting.

Special features of Waterco’s Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator:

  • Smart water flow detection adjusts variable speed pumps to overcome low water flow. If not restored, the pump switches off to prevent damaging costly pool equipment
  • Low-flow condition* is when Electrochlor compensates by increasing pump speed. If the ‘No-flow’ condition is resolved, it maintains the new speed to keep the pool pump running
  • Mineral Power Pack automatically monitors chlorine production by regulating the amount of electrical energy supplied to the Electrolytic Salt Cell
  • Titanium Electrolytic Cell enhances chlorine production while requiring less energy


The full suite of Waterco’s Climate Care Certified products now include:

  1. Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator
  2. Micron ECO Filter
  3. Glass Pearl Filter Media
  4. MultiCyclone Filter Technology
  5. MultiCyclone Dual-Stage Filtration System
  6. Hydrostorm ECO-V Pump Variable Speed Pump
  7. ECO Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner Range
  8. HYDRO Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner Range
  9. ULTRA Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner Range
  10. 50mm Sweep Elbow


SPASA’s Climate Care Certified program

An initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA), the Climate Care Certified program supports, protects and promotes the way the industry operates and strives for best-practice solutions. 

“Our process undergoes independent, third-party verification of all products, systems and installations,” explains SPASA CEO Spiros Dassakis. “It’s both credible and reliable and gives power back to the consumer who is concerned about using less water and saving money.”

* This feature is only enabled when the Waterco ECO-V Hydrostorm variable speed pump is installed


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