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Aqua~Health Starver M Phosphate Remover

Aqua Health Starver M is a state of the art phosphate remover for maintaining low levels of phosphate. This is a uniquely formulated phosphate remover that takes away up to 2 parts per million with one dose and maintains low levels of phosphates with minimal effort.

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This highly concentrated formulation is a uniquely formulated phosphate remover that removes up to 2 parts per million with one dose and maintains low levels of phosphates with minimal fuss.

  • The simple, easy application can be added directly through the skimmer

  • No sediment, so no need to shake the bottle before use

  • A single dose of 250ML will remove up to 2 ppm (parts per million) of phosphates from swimming pool water

  • Built-in clarifier gives a superior look to water quality

  • Does NOT cloud pool water like other phosphate removers when used correctly.

  • Increases efficiency of all sanitisers

  • Increases the efficiency of salt water chlorinators

  • No need to vacuum (does not settle out in the pool) when used as per directions

  • No effect on filter pressure


Q: Why do you need to remove phosphates if algae isn’t visible?

A: Phosphate in the water provides the necessary food for new algae colonies to form. When left untreated, algae spores can grow and multiply quickly. Removing the phosphate before this happens is a wise preventative measure to take.

Q: Why not just use an algaecide if there is algae present?

A: Algae can be treated very efficiently with the correct algaecide. However, decaying algae actually increases the amount of phosphate in the water. New algae will flourish even quicker.

Q: Should Aqua Health STARVER M be added on a regular basis?

A: There are many sources of phosphate being continually introduced to the pool water. So It makes sense, therefore, to use STARVER®M as an ongoing maintenance program to keep Phosphates under control.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34522 1L
34523 2.5L
34524 20L

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