• Starver X

Aqua~Health Starver X Phosphate Remover

The next generation in phosphate removal technology

This highly concentrated formulation from Aqua Health Starver X is a uniquely formulated phosphate remover that removes high levels of phosphates up to 6 parts per million.

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Aqua Health Starver X is a curative for high phosphate levels and should be used when the phosphate level is 2ppm or above.

  • Removes up to 6.0 parts per million (6000 parts per billion) of phosphates

  • The natural composition of unique polymers and rare earth compounds

  • Enhances water clarity within 24 hours

  • Increases efficiency of all sanitisers

  • Increases the efficiency of salt water chlorinators

  • No need to vacuum (does not settle out in the pool)

  • No effect on filter pressure

  • Compatible with all pool treatments and equipment

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34531 1L
34559 20L

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