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Aqua~Health Ultra Algaecide

Aqua~Health Ultra Algaecide is the benchmark as the most effective and most potent product for killing ALL types of algae. Developed for harsh tropical climates.

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A round dual action algaecide

  • Dual action algaecide

  • Use for the treatment of severe, resistant algae strains

  • Effective over a wide pH range, best results at pH between 7.0 and 7.2

  • At lower pH, the waxy coating surrounding algae cells is greatly softened, allowing easier penetration by the chemical

  • Compatible with all recognised sanitisers and other pool additives


Q: Can I use Aqua Health Ultra Algaecide with a salt water chlorinator?

A: Yes, When added to a pool running with a salt chlorinator the Ultra Algaecide sometimes can reacts with the gases produced in the salt chlorinator cell causing fine bubbles to form on the surface of the pool. These bubbles will dissipate as soon as the chlorinator is switched off and usually only last 5-7 days.

Q: If I’m treating a heavy algae outbreak can I super chlorinate my pool after I use Ultra Algaecide?

A: No, Do not Super chlorinate the pool water for 48 hours before or after the addition of Ultra Algaecide.

Q: If I have an Ioniser system on my pool, can I use Ultra Algaecide to treat an algae outbreak?

A: No, Ultra Algaecide Should NOT be used in pools using Ionisers or Natures 2 systems. Copper can build up in the water and cause unsightly stains.


Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34561 2.5L
34781 5L
34557 20L

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