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Aqua~Health Aquaguard

Aqua~Health Aquaguard is a versatile and multi-function specialty product that can be used for a diverse range of solutions to enhance the quality of pool surrounds, pool equipment, and pool water.

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  • Aqua~Health Aquaguard keeps scale at bay by both assisting in the removal of existing scale and inhibiting the build-up of scale from pool walls, equipment and pipes

  • Aquaguard acts as a salt chlorinator cell protector by inhibiting the build-up of scale on chlorinator cells keeping them soft and also minimising the likelihood that builds up will occur in the first place. 

  • Aquaguard acts as an extremely powerful sequestering agent meaning that its presence in the water will inhibit metal elements such as iron and copper from dropping out of solution

  • Aquaguard can also aid in the removal of metal staining to both the walls and floor of the pool

  • Aquaguard will not add phosphate to the water.


Product Part Number Pack Size
34744 1L
34745 20L

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