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Aqua~Health Spa and Pool Chlorine

Aqua Health Spa & Pool Chlorine is a type of chlorine that is specifically designed for use in spas. It is a stabilised chlorine, which means that it is less likely to evaporate or be broken down by sunlight. This makes it a good choice for spas, which are exposed to sunlight.

Aqua Health Spa & Pool Chlorine is also very close to a neutral pH, which means that it does not affect the pH of your spa water. This is important because a balanced pH is essential for keeping your spa water clean and healthy.

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Aqua Health Spa & Pool Chlorine is also very close to a neutral pH, which means that it does not affect the pH of your spa water

  • Multi-Purpose Shock Treatment: Aqua Health Spa & Pool Chlorine serves a dual purpose by acting as both a reliable sanitiser and an efficient shock treatment for spas. Its shock treatment capabilities swiftly address spikes in organic and chemical contaminants, restoring water clarity and comfort. This versatility simplifies spa maintenance routines and reduces the need for multiple products.

  • Efficient Sanitisation: Spa & Pool Chlorine, is a powerful chlorine-based compound, excels in effectively neutralising bacteria, viruses, and contaminants present in spa water. Its rapid and thorough sanitisation properties ensure a safe and hygienic environment for spa users, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms.

  • Quick Dissolving Formula: Spa & Pool Chlorine is engineered with a fast-dissolving formula, making it ideal for maintaining optimal water quality in spas. Its ability to dissolve rapidly ensures an even distribution of sanitiser throughout the water, facilitating prompt treatment and minimising the risk of uneven sanitiser dispersion.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
342005 500g
342100 1kg


  •   Is Spa & Pool Chlorine safe for my spa equipment?

    When used correctly, Spa and Pool Chlorine is generally safe for spa equipment. Pre-dissolving the granules and ensuring proper water circulation helps prevent direct contact with sensitive components. However, over time, the stabilising agent in Spa and Pool Chlorine can lead to an increase in cyanuric acid levels, which may impact water balance. Periodically check and adjust cyanuric acid levels as necessary. Refreshing the spa water on a regular basis is required.

  •   How often should I test the spa water when using Spa & Pool Chlorine?

    Test your spa water at least twice a week using a reliable water testing kit. Check chlorine levels, pH, alkalinity, and other parameters. Adjust the Spa & Pool Chlorine dosage as needed to maintain proper sanitiser levels and balanced water chemistry. Regular testing helps prevent over chlorination, which can lead to skin and eye irritation.

  •   How much Spa & Pool Chlorine should I use for my spa?

    The dosage of Spa and Pool Chlorine depends on your spa's water volume and use. Generally, you'll need 10g per 1000L of water to achieve a chlorine level of 2-3PPM. It's crucial to calculate the dosage accurately to avoid over or under-dosing. Consult a pool and spa professional or use a water testing kit for precise measurements.

  •   Can I add Spa & Pool Chlorine directly to the spa water?

    It's recommended to pre-dissolve Spa and Pool Chlorine granules in a clean plastic bucket filled with water before adding them to the spa. This helps prevent concentrated chlorine from coming into direct contact with the spa's surface and ensures even distribution. Stir the mixture until the granules are fully dissolved before adding it to the spa.

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