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Aqua Health Sunscreen Tabs Reduces chlorine consumption in pools by up to 50% by protecting the chlorine from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Ideal for chlorinated and salt water pools. Stabilises the free chlorine and prevents chlorine breakdown by UV light from the sun. Without its use chlorine will not be able to sanitise properly and will be ineffective.

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  • Simple pre-measured dose, 500g per tablet: the exact dose everytime

  • No mixing required: Simple and easy to use, simply drop 1 tab into the pool skimmer and allow to dissolve

  • Enhance Chlorine Efficiency: Sunscreen extends the lifespan of chlorine, allowing it to continuously combat bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. This means you'll require less frequent chlorine additions, leading to cost savings and reduced chemical consumption.

  • Essential for outdoor pools and spas using chlorine /salt sanitiser systems

  • Consistent Sanitisation: The protective barrier formed by Sunscreen ensures a consistent and steady release of chlorine into the water. This consistency helps prevent sudden drops in chlorine levels, minimising the risk of waterborne illnesses and maintaining a safer swimming environment.

  • Longer Maintenance Intervals: With the use of Sunscreen, pool maintenance schedules can become more manageable. You'll spend less time and effort adding chemicals to the water, freeing you up to enjoy your pool more.

  • Protection Against UV Degradation: The primary function of Sunscreen is to shield chlorine from the degrading effects of UV rays. This protection extends the effectiveness of chlorine, particularly in outdoor pools exposed to sunlight.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34714 1kg
34717 2kg

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  •   Will using Sunscreen tablets change my pool maintenance routine?

    Yes, your routine may change slightly. Sunscreen tablets release cyanuric acid gradually, which will increase your pool's overall cyanuric acid levels. You'll need to monitor and adjust these levels less frequently compared to using granular or liquid stabiliser products.

  •   How often should I add Sunscreen tablets to my pool?

    The frequency of adding Sunscreen tablets depends on factors like your pool's size and your local conditions. Tablets typically dissolve over the course of several days. Regularly check the tablet levels and adjust them as needed to maintain the desired stabiliser level.

  •   How do Sunscreen tablets work differently from granular or liquid stabiliser products?

    Sunscreen tablets contain cyanuric acid, just like other stabiliser products, but they are slow-dissolving and release the Active chemical gradually into the water over time. This can provide a more consistent and steady level of protection for chlorine, especially in outdoor pools exposed to sunlight.

  •    Are stabilizer tablets easy to use?

    Yes, Sunscreen tablets are easy to use. They are placed directly into the pool's skimmer box. The tablets dissolve slowly, which means you may need to check the tablet levels periodically and replenish them if required.

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