• Alkalinity Increaser

Aqua~Health Alkalinity Increaser

Aqua~Health Alkalinity Increaser raises the total alkalinity of your pool and acts as a pH buffer. Pool water treated with Aqua~Health Alkalinity Increaser will have a pH that is more comfortable to swim in.

Assists in protecting pool equipment & surfaces.

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Aqua~Health Alkalinity Increaser assists in protecting pool equipment & surfaces, by maintaining the Total Alkalinity within the correct ranges.

  • Totally soluble in any water conditions.

  • Has a shelf life of several years if stored in cool, dry conditions.

  • Is a non-hazardous chemical.

  • Excellent at buffering the pH of pool water at a level comfortable for swimming and appropriate for chlorine disinfection.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34642 2kg
34644 4kg
34646 10kg
34650 25kg

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  •   What is Aqua Health Alkalinity Increaser and why use it in my pool?

    Aqua Health Alkalinity Increaser, also known as pH Buffer ,is a chemical compound often used to raise the total alkalinity of pool water. It helps stabilise the pH levels and prevents rapid pH fluctuations, ensuring a more balanced and comfortable swimming environment.

  •   Is it safe to swim immediately after adding Alkalinity Increaser?

    Yes, it is generally safe to swim shortly after adding Aqua Health Alkalinity Increaser, to your pool. Unlike some other pool chemicals, Alkalinity Increaser is relatively mild and non-toxic. However, it's a good practice to wait for at least an hour after adding any pool chemicals to allow for proper dispersion and mixing in the water. Additionally, you should always test the water's alkalinity levels and ensure they are within the recommended range before allowing swimmers back into the pool.

  •   How often should I adjust my pool's alkalinity with Aqua Health Alkalinity Increaser?

    The frequency of adjusting your pool's alkalinity depends on various factors, including water usage, weather conditions, and pool chemicals. Generally, you should test alkalinity levels every week and make adjustments as needed to maintain a balanced swimming environment.

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