• Hardness Increaser

Aqua~Health Hardness Increaser

Aqua~Health Hardness Increaser raises the hardness of water (the concentration of dissolved calcium) in your pool thus preventing the pitting of concrete-based pool walls and erosion of mortar and tile grout.

Reduces damage to Marblesheen and pebble finished pools, caused by low levels of calcium.

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Contributes to proper calcium levels and can contribute to water clarity by helping to prevent cloudiness or turbidity. Balanced water chemistry, including appropriate calcium levels, reduces the likelihood of scaling and mineral deposits, which can contribute to cloudy water.

  • Non-hazardous chemical

  • Assists in the protection of concrete pool surfaces

  • Excellent at increasing the level of water hardness.

  • Totally soluble in pool water.

  • Has a shelf life of several years if stored in cool, dry conditions.

  • Will not affect the pH or total alkalinity.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34651 1kg
34652 2kg
34654 4kg
34658 8kg
35658 25kg

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  •   Why do I need a water hardener for my pool?

    Aqua~Health Hardness Increaser, is used to adjust the calcium hardness levels in your pool water. Proper water hardness helps prevent corrosion of pool surfaces, stabilizes pH levels, enhances sanitizer efficiency, and improves water clarity, creating a safer and more enjoyable swimming environment.

  •   I have a Fibre glass or Vinyl pool, so why do i need Calcium in my pool?

    This is a good question that is often asked. Water will try to balance itself by removing Calcium from pool walls, but when we have an inert pool surface like Fibreglass or Vinyl there isn’t any calcium to be removed. so the water will start to find other ways to balance itself and want to take it from the bather. this is why we often have dry itchy skin when we get out of a pool that has low or no hardness to the balance.

    by adding Hardness increaser, we actually make the water a much more comfortable experience to swim in.

  •   How do I add a Hardness Increaser to my pool?

    To add a Hardness Increaser, start by determining the required dosage based on your pool's size and current calcium hardness levels. Dissolve the calculated amount of Hardness Increaser in a bucket of water, then slowly pour the solution into the pool while the pool pump and filtration system are running. This helps distribute the hardener evenly.

  •   Are there any risks associated with using too much Hardness Increaser?

    Yes, using an excessive amount of Hardness Increaser can lead to over calcification, resulting in scaling on pool surfaces, filters, and equipment. It's crucial to follow the recommended dosage and regularly monitor your pool's water chemistry to prevent imbalances.

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