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Aqua-Health AQUASHINE PRO (premium strength). It’s patented formula is specially designed for use in COMMERCIAL POOLS and SERVICE WORK. It is perfect for commercial pool situations where there is a very heavy bather load and, in consequence, an accumulation of oils and body fats in the water. It is a natural, extremely high-strength, concentrated clarifier that is specially formulated and ideally suited to both clarify the water as well as remove these unwanted oils and body fats.

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Aqua-Health AQUASHINE PRO (premium strength) is ideally designed for commercial and service work.

  • Aqua-Health AQUASHINE PRO has a beneficial effect on the filter media, whether sand, glass, Zeolite, DE or Cartridge. The efficiency of filtering improves with regular use as the natural coagulants help the filter to trap more dirt and debris.

  • The scum line that is found on pools is invariably caused by the body fats that accumulate in the water and Aqua-Health AQUASHINE PRO’s ability to remove the body fats assists, in turn, with keeping the scum line under control.

  • Aqua-Health AQUASHINE PRO (premium strength) is compatible with all types of pool chemicals and is a great addition to any sanitising program.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
347270 20L

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