Aqua~Health MaxiClear Tabs

Aqua Health Aquashine tablets are a fast dissolving, fast acting clarifier ideal for newly filled or cloudy pools.

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Simply drop in the skimmer box at a rate of 1 Aquashine tablet per 50,000L of pool water for a crystal clear pool.

Packed in either a retail pack for the stores or a bulk carton for the service techs.

  • Clears cloudy pools fast

  • Aluminium Sulphate tablet

  • Each sock contains 5 x 25gram tablets for fast dissolving action

  • Fast acting clarifier, ideal for newly filled or cloudy pools

  • Perfect for sand filters


Q: Can I use the Aqua Health Aqua Shine Tablets with a cartridge filter?

A: It’s not recommended to use Aquashine tablets with a cartridge filter long term as this may cause some clogging of the filter.

Q: Is it safe to swim while the Aquashine Tablet is in the skimmer box?

A: Yes, its perfectly safe to swim, the Aquashine tablet will be out of the way in the skimmer box and will dissolve in a short time.

Q: How fast will clear my pool water?

A: This will always depend on a few factors, How cloudy is your pool, and how long you run your filtration? As a guide, you will notice the water clearing up within 6 hours.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34800 service carton ( 80 x 125g Tabs)
34801 Retail display carton 20 x 125g Tabs)

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