• Chlorine Concentrate

Aqua~Health Chlorine Concentrated

Aqua~Health Chlorine Concentrate is an effective and easy-to-use form of chlorine sanitation that ensures your pool is protected from unwanted bacteria, algae, and organic waste.Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate contains a stabilizer (cyanuric acid) that helps prevent the breakdown of chlorine due to UV rays from the sun. This can help maintain a consistent level of chlorine in the pool over time, reducing the need for frequent chlorine additions.

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  •  Soluble granular chlorine with built-in stabiliser

  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater pool

  • Low residue

  • Fast dissolving granules

  • Boast a shelf life of several years

  • Pools that use stabilised chlorines require less frequent chlorine dosing than pools that use unstabilised granular or liquid chlorine.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34202 2kg
34204 4kg
34210 10kg
34220 20kg


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