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Aqua~Health Chlorine Concentrate is an effective and easy-to-use form of chlorine sanitation that ensures your pool is protected from unwanted bacteria, algae, and organic waste.Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate contains a stabilizer (cyanuric acid) that helps prevent the breakdown of chlorine due to UV rays from the sun. This can help maintain a consistent level of chlorine in the pool over time, reducing the need for frequent chlorine additions.

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  •  Soluble granular chlorine with built-in stabiliser

  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater pool

  • Low residue

  • Fast dissolving granules

  • Boast a shelf life of several years

  • Pools that use stabilised chlorines require less frequent chlorine dosing than pools that use unstabilised granular or liquid chlorine.


Q: What is Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate?

A: Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate is a type of chlorine compound that is commonly used as a sanitiser as well as a shock treatment in swimming pools.

Q: How is Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate added to a pool?

A: Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate can be added directly to the pool water by broadcasting it evenly over the surface of the pool water, With the filtration system operating or pre-dissolve in a bucket of water before broadcasting around the pool surface.

Q: Can Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate be used in all types of swimming pools?

A: Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate can be used in various types of swimming pools, including those with high levels of sunlight exposure or those with high bather loads.

Q: Can overuse of Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate be harmful?

A: Overuse of Aqua Health Chlorine Concentrate can lead to high levels of cyanuric acid, which can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine and may require draining and refilling the pool to lower cyanuric acid levels.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34202 2kg
34204 4kg
34210 10kg
34220 20kg