• Granular Pool Chlorine

Aqua~Health Granular Chlorine

Aqua~Health Granular Chlorine is a Granulated chlorine for regular use as a disinfectant in swimming pools. The active ingredient is calcium hypochlorite and contains 70%-74% of available chlorine.

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  • Effective disinfectant: Aqua~Health Granular Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms in swimming pool water. It also effectively removes organic contaminants such as algae, sweat, and urine. 

  • Quick dissolving: Aqua~Health Granular Chlorine dissolves quickly in water, which means that it can rapidly sanitise pool water. 

  • Long shelf life: Aqua~Health Granular Chlorine has a long shelf life, which means that it can be stored for a long time without losing its effectiveness.

  • Cost-effective: Aqua~Health Granular Chlorine is a relatively inexpensive chemical compared to other pool sanitizers, which makes it a cost-effective option for pool owners.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34702 2kg
34704 4kg
34710 10kg
34740 40kg


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