• Instant Shock & Sanitiser

Aqua~Health Instant Shock & Sanitiser

Aqua~Health Instant Shock & Sanitiser is a high oxidizer and a low level chlorine product, added to the water to remove unwanted organics and bacteria keeping the water safe and crystal clear.

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  • Multi-purpose sanitiser

  • Added Tetraborate: Softens, clarifies, and hinders the growth of algae

  • Non-Chlorine Oxidiser: Removes unwanted organics, and combined chlorines freeing up your chlorines ability to effectively sanitise the water

  • Clarifying Agent: Gathers fine particles together making them large enough to be trapped in the filter

  • Swim in half an hour after treating your pool with Aqua Health Shock & Swim.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34806 500g
34802 1kg
34803 2kg
34805 10kg

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