• Ultra Shock

Aqua~Health Ultra Shock

Aqua~Health Ultra Shock is a Non-chlorine treatment alternative to super chlorination, for the ‘shock’ treatment of swimming pools. It effectively oxidises the organic content of pool water quickly and easily. Suitable also for vinyl pools. Brings the sparkle back to the pool water and it's compatible with a Chlorinated, Brominated, and Ozonated pool.

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  • Contains NO chlorine

  • No unpleasant odours.

  • No pool shutdown required - dose and swim 1 hour later.

  • Destroys organic compounds - makes the water sparkle.

  • Ideal for removing chloramines / combined chlorines - removing nasty smells from the water

  • Compatible with all chlorinated (including salt), brominated, or ozonated sanitising systems.

  • Dissolves easily in water

  • No pre-mixing is required.

  • Suitable in any pool water condition.

  • Preferred for “super chlorination” in salt water pools as it doesn’t affect chlorinator electrodes.

  • Ideal for use in Ionised pools

  • Pre-measured jars are simple to use.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34005 500g
34004 1kg
34006 5kg


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