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Phosphate Remover - Algae Preventor

AquaPure phosphate remover is the only product available that has been formulated to use as both a regular maintenance treatment for preventive care and as a fix for when phosphate levels are high. Removes an incredible 1ppm to 6ppm of phosphates from the water.

Thanks to the inbuilt clarifier, you will also clear your water at the same time saving you time and money.


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AquaPure phosphate remover also contains a built-in clarifier to reduce the clouding of swimming pool water during the phosphate removal process; it will also clear pool water simultaneously, saving time and money.

  • Removes high and low levels of phosphates

  • Instantly clarifies leaving pool water crystal clear

  • Maintains a phosphate free pool all year long

  • Blended to optimum strength

  • Inbuilt clarifier, you will also clear your water at the same time


Q: Why do you need to remove phosphates if algae isn’t visible?

A: Phosphate in the water provides the necessary food for new algae colonies to form. When left untreated, algae spores can grow and multiply quickly. Removing the phosphate before this happens is a wise preventative measure to take.

Q: Why not just use an algaecide if there are algae present?

A: Algae can be treated very efficiently with the correct algaecide. However, decaying algae actually increases the amount of phosphate in the water. So new algae will flourish even quicker.

Q: Should AquaPure phosphate remover be added on a regular basis?

A: There are many sources of phosphate being continually introduced to the pool water. So It is recommended to regularly test for Phosphates and treat as necessary with AquaPure phosphate remover to keep the Phosphates under control.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
386341 500ML
3863420 20L