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Spa Anti-Foam

AquaPure Anti-Foam is an effective solution to reduce and eliminate foam in your spa. Foaming can be caused by a variety of factors including lotions, detergents, and other impurities that can build up in your spa water over time. Spa Anti-Foam quickly and easily eliminates foam, allowing you to enjoy your spa or hot tub without the annoyance of excess foam.

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    Enhanced aesthetics.

    Improved relaxation.

    Better water circulation.

    Optimised chemical efficiency.

    Enhanced bather comfort.


AquaPure Anti Foam is a fast-acting foam suppressing agent used for eliminating unsightly foam in Spas, Hot Tubs & Hydrotherapy Pools.

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: Foam in a spa can be unsightly and detract from the overall appearance of the water. AquaPure No More Foam can quickly and effectively reduce or eliminate foam, making the water look clear and inviting.

  2. Improved Relaxation: Foam can disrupt the serene and relaxing experience of using a spa. Excessive foam can interfere with your ability to fully enjoy the water and can even cling to your skin or clothing. Using Anti Foam allows you to fully immerse yourself in the spa without distraction.

  3. Better Water Circulation: Foam accumulation can hinder proper water circulation in the spa. By reducing foam, can help ensure that water circulates more effectively, leading to a better distribution of heat, chemicals, and filtration.

  4. Optimized Chemical Efficiency: Foam can trap and hold chemicals in the water, reducing their effectiveness and leading to imbalanced water conditions. Eliminating foam, helps chemicals work more efficiently, leading to better water quality and easier maintenance.

  5. Enhanced Bather Comfort: Foam can carry with it unpleasant odours, oils, and contaminants from users' skin and products. Reducing foam improves the overall comfort and hygiene of the spa experience.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
382001 500ML


  •   Why is there foam in my spa?

    Foam in your spa is usually caused by the presence of contaminants such as lotions, oils, soaps, detergents, and even natural body oils. These substances can create a layer of foam on the water's surface when agitated by the jets or bubbles.

  •   Is foam harmful to my spa?

    Foam itself is not harmful to your spa or hot tub, but excessive foam can be a sign of water quality issues. It can indicate a high concentration of contaminants or imbalanced water chemistry. Addressing the underlying water quality issue is important to maintain a clean and safe environment for enjoying your spa.

  •   How often should I use AquaPure No More Foam?

    Using No More Foam should be a temporary solution to address excessive foam. If you find yourself needing to use anti-foam frequently, it's important to identify and address the root cause, such as poor water quality or excess contaminants. Regular maintenance of your spa's water chemistry, including proper sanitization and filtration, is key to preventing foam build up.

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