• Spa Activate

Spa Activate & Start Up

AquaPure Spa Activate & Start-Up is a high-performance granulated blend for regular use.

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  • Maintaining proper water balance in your pool is critical to its overall health and longevity. Water balancers are products designed to help you achieve the correct alkalinity, hardness, and pH levels in your pool water. Alkalinity increaser (sodium bicarbonate), hardness increaser (calcium chloride), pH increaser (sodium carbonate), and dry acid (sodium bisulphate) are the most common.
    Easy to use.
    Condition the spa water in one step.
    Fast dissolving.

Contribute to a fast and effective setup and sanitisation of the spa water 

•    Easy to use
•    Condition the spa water in one step
•    Fast dissolving 

Available Pack sizes

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
384009 1.5KG

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