• Bromine Sanitiser

Bromine Sanitiser

AquaPure Spa Bromine Sanitiser is the perfect sanitiser for your spa as they are not affected by the water temperature or the pH of the water, unlike traditional chlorine based sanitisers.

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  • At AquaPure, we understand the science behind water hygiene, and we’re here to share our wisdom to help you maintain a healthy aquatic environment effortlessly. Our Australian-made range of pool and spa solutions is designed to keep your water crystal-clear and inviting throughout the year. Say goodbye to everyday concerns like algae growth, fluctuating chemical levels, and cloudy water – AquaPure’s Water Protectors have you covered.
    No residue, slow dissolving & contains no calcium.
    Fully soluble & has a minimal effect on pH.
    Ideal sanitiser for water > 26°C.
  1. No residue, slow dissolving & contains no calcium.

  2. Fully soluble & has a minimal effect on pH

  3. Ideal sanitiser for water > 26°C

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
384007 500GR
384001 1KG
384004 2KG


  •   How often should I replace Spa Bromine tablets in my spa water?

    The frequency of tablet replacement depends on your spa's usage, water temperature, and the tablet dispenser's settings. On average, you might need to replace tablets every 1-2 weeks. Regular water testing will help you determine when it's time to add new tablets to maintain the desired bromine level in your spa.

  •   How do I use AquaPure Spa Bromine Sanitiser in my spa water?

    Using Spa Bromine Sanitiser is simple. Just place the tablets in a floating dispenser or a bromine feeder specifically designed for spa use. Adjust the dispenser or feeder settings to achieve the desired bromine level in your spa water. Regularly check and maintain the tablet dispenser to ensure consistent sanitization.

  •   Can I use Spa Bromine tablets alongside other spa chemicals?

    Yes, you can use Spa Bromine tablets in conjunction with other spa chemicals like pH balancers and shock treatments. Ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions for each product and maintain proper water balance for optimal spa performance.

  •   Are Spa Bromine tablets safer than chlorine for my spa?

    Yes, Spa Bromine tablets are often considered safer than chlorine for spa water. Bromine is more stable at higher temperatures, making it a better choice for spas. It also produces fewer odours and is gentler on the skin and eyes. However, it's essential to follow the recommended dosage and handling instructions to ensure safety.

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