• Chlorine UV Protector

Chlorine UV Protector- Fast Dissolving

AquaPure Chlorine UV Protector - Fast Dissolving reduces chlorine consumption in pools by up to 50% by protecting the chlorine from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Ideal for chlorinated and salt water pools. Stabilizes the free chlorine and prevents chlorine breakdown by UV light from the sun. Without its use chlorine will not be able to sanitise properly and will be ineffective.

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  • AquaPure Sunscreen products act as a shield, preventing the sun’s UV rays from breaking down the chlorine in the water. Doing so helps chlorine last longer, keeping the water clean and healthy. AquaPure products vary in concentration and composition. Match your pool’s needs, and always follow guidelines.

    Enhance chlorine efficiency.

    Essential for outdoor pools and spas using chlorine/salt sanitiser systems.

    Consistent sanitisation.

    Longer maintenance intervals.

    Protection against UV degradation.


  • Enhance Chlorine Efficiency: Chlorine UV Protector extends the lifespan of chlorine, allowing it to continuously combat bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. This means you’ll require less frequent chlorine additions, leading to cost savings and reduce chemical consumption.

  • Essential for outdoor pools and spas using chlorine/salt sanitiser systems.

  • Consistent sanitisation: the protective barrier formed by Chlorine UV Protector ensures a consistent and steady release of chlorine into water. This consistency helps prevent sudden drops in chlorine levels, minimising the risk of waterborne illnesses and maintaining a safer swimming environment.

  • Longer maintenance intervals: with the use of Chlorine UV Protector, pool maintenance schedules can become more manageable. You’ll spend less time and less effort adding chemicals to the water, freeing you up to enjoy your pool more.

  • Protection Against UV Degradation: The primary function of sunscreen is to shield chlorine from the degrading effects of UV rays. This protection extends the effectiveness of chlorine, particularly in outdoor pools exposed to sunlight.

  • Fast dissolving, for easy addition to pool water.


Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
386201 1KG
386202 2KG
386203 3KG
3862025 25KG


  •   What is the recommended cyanuric acid level for my pool?

    The ideal cyanuric acid level typically falls within the range of 30 to 50 parts per million (ppm) for most outdoor pools. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consider your specific pool conditions to determine the optimal level.

  •   What is AquaPure Chlorine UV Protector - Fast Dissolving, and why is it needed for my pool?

    Chlorine UV Protector, also known as cyanuric acid, is a chemical compound used to protect chlorine molecules from degradation caused by sunlight. It helps prolong the effectiveness of chlorine, reducing the need for frequent chemical additions and ensuring consistent water sanitisation.

  •   How often should I test and adjust the cyanuric acid levels in my pool?

    Regular testing is crucial. Aim to test Sunscreen levels every 1-3 months, Adjust as needed to maintain the recommended range and ensure consistent chlorine performance.

  •   How do I add Chlorine UV Protector to my pool?

    To add UV Protector, first determine the current cyanuric acid level using a test kit. Calculate the required amount of Chlorine UV Protector based on the pool volume and target stabiliser level. Add AquaPure fast dissolving Sunscreen directly to the skimmer while the pump is running, ensure the product is administered slowly. It is also recommended to mix Sunscreen in a bucket of water to a slurry before adding to the skimmer box slowly.

    Do not add to the skimmer box if a Multi Cyclone pre filter is fitted. Mix in a bucket of water first and then broadcast over the entire swimming pool.

  •   Can I use too much Sunscreen in my pool?

    Yes, over-stabilising your pool can lead to issues. Excessive Sunscreen levels (above 100 ppm) can hinder chlorine's ability to sanitise effectively, causing an imbalance in the pool water chemistry. This may require dilution through partial water replacement to restore proper levels.

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