Pro Cleaning Accessories

Designed for many years of functional use, Waterco pool accessories are manufactured from the highest quality U.V. stabilised plastics

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  • With Waterco’s PRO Pool Care Tools, maintaining your pool has never been easier. Special features include:

    • Designed for different pool shapes, sizes and styles

    • Non-corrosive, U.V. stabilised plastics engineered to last

    • New designs move efficiently in water by minimising resistance

    • Universal designs fit standard telescopic poles

  • Aqua Fingers® Multi-purpose Microfibre Pool Broom


  • Aqua Fingers® features a high-density microfibre attachment that makes cleaning smooth surface pools easier and quicker.
    • Premium microfibre chenille attachment is gentle on smooth surfaces
    • Flexible head easily dislodges particles from tight areas
    • Ideal for cleaning fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined pools
    • Suitable for cleaning glass fences, windows, pool covers and pool coping
    • Replacement chenille attachment available
  • Leaf Rake

    Ideal for picking up dirt and debris from the surface and the floor of the pool. The rake’s leading-edge lifts debris up the flicks it into the net. 

    • Suitable for all pools
    • Can also be used to clean surface debris from water features and ponds
  • Algae Brush

    Sturdy nylon bristles break open the hard membranes of stubborn “Black Spot” algae, which needs to be broken for algaecides to work.

    • Suitable for all hard pool surfaces
    • Not recommended for vinyl, fiberglass or painted pool surfaces
    • Available in two sizes 143mm and wide 450mm bristle head
  • Pool Broom

    Designed for dislodging algae and dirt from pool walls, the broom’s curved ends and long-life nylon bristles make it easier to clean pool curves and corners.

    • Suitable for all pools including vinyl lined pools
  • Brush Vacuum Head

    Cleaning leaves and debris off the pool floor is easy with this streamlined design that manoeuvres freely, dislodging particles from tight areas and hard-to-reach places.

    • Suitable for all pools

  • Flexible Vacuum Head


    Weighted for optimum hydraulic balance and manufactured from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) materials, this hard-wearing vacuum head makes it easier to clean curved corners, ridges, crevices and steps.

    • Suitable for all pools
  • Aqua Finger Introducing the first broom specially designed for fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined pools
  • Algae Brush Designed to cut open the hard membranes of “Black Spot” algae so that an algaecide can effectively kill the algae
  • Pool Broom With no sharp edges and easy to brush bristles, this pool broom is ideal for brushing the pool’s walls to dislodge algae and dirt
  • Flexible Vacuum Head Weighted for optimum hydraulic balance and ease of use, this flexible vacuum head allows you to vacuum dirt and leaves quickly and efficiently from the pool floor
  • Brush Vacuum Head Designed with rounded edges and bristles for vinyl pools, this Brush Vacuum Head will brush as well as vacuum the pool floor.
  • Leaf Rake Ideal for picking up leaves and debris from the surface and the floor of the pool


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