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Electroheat Plus Heat Pump

A swimming pool is a major financial investment. Getting the most out of your pool, means keeping the pool at a swimmable temperature for the maximum number of hours in each day and the maximum number of days in each year. A heat pump will economically keep your pool warm 24 hours a day.


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Electroheat Plus heat pumps feature vertical venting and a large evaporator area for maximum performance and are ideal for heating in ambient air temperatures above 10 degrees C:

• Swimming pools for year round enjoyment

• Swimming pools to extend the season

• Swimming pools where roof space for solar is limited

• Available in 25, 31 & 44kW heating capacities


Key features of Waterco’s Electroheat Plus heat pumps:

Energy efficient – uses 1kW to produce up to 5kW of heat

Unique modern robust design – noise and vibration reduction

Hydrophilic Blue fin evaporator technology – improves corrosion resistance

Dual coil heat exchange – increases heat pump’s performance

Ozone friendly R410A refrigerant