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Electroheat ECO-V Inverter Side Venting Pool Heat Pump

The new Electroheat ECO-V inverter technology side venting pool heat pump range in 7, 12, 15, 20 & 27kW capacities feature a sophisticated and advanced outer shell design in Waterco’s signature pewter colour and have heating and cooling capabilities.


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The Electroheat ECO-V inverter side venting range of pool heat pumps allow the pool owner to heat their pool in cooler climates even when the ambient air temperature is close to 0°C. The ECO-V range are ideal solution to heat swimming pools, plunge pools, swim spas and spas to extend the swim season or for year round enjoyment.  They are available in 7, 12, 15, 20 & 27kW heating and cooling models.

About Waterco’s Inverter Technology Pool Heat Pumps

  • Variable speed compressor automatically and independently regulates pool water temperature
  • Similar to a car’s engine, it slows down and speeds up as required to hold a set temperature
  • Desired temperatures are reached more quickly and maintained more efficiently
  • Eliminates temperature fluctuations and power wastage common with fixed speed systems
  • Estimated energy savings of up to 20 per cent compared with fixed speed systems
  • Quieter operation due to the compressor and fan motor speed control

Key features of the Electroheat ECO-V 7, 12, 15, 20 & 27kW Inverter pool heat pumps:

  • Inverter technology improves energy efficiency
  • Side venting design allows for greater installation options
  • Digital controller with diagnostics
  • Heating and cooling operating modes to select from
  • Supplied drainage spigots allow piping to drain away the condensate
  • Refrigerant pressure gauge indicates the level of refrigerant charge held within the unit
  • Hydrophilic blue fin coated evaporator protects unit from erosion in humid and coastal environments
  • Automatic hot gas evaporator de-icing removes ice build up
  • R32 refrigerant for zero ozone depletion