Commandomatic Filters

A Commandomatic Filter removes the incoming suspended solids, providing crystal clear water throughout your whole house. 

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  • There are two Commandomatic filter options, one for the removal of sediment and another designed to absorb taste/odour and chlorine.

  • Solution to Sediment

    Dirt, rust and suspended solids in the pipe network are collected by the flowing water and brought to your home. A Commandomatic Filter removes the incoming suspended solids, providing crystal clear water throughout your whole house.

  • Solution to Taste/Ordour and Chlorine

    Taste and odour problems commonly occur from well water or municipal water, which has been disinfected for potable use. A common objectionable characteristic of municipal water is the chlorine taste/odour. The most common method of treatment for de-chlorination and other taste and odour conditions is with granular activated carbon.

  • How does a Commandomatic Filter work?

    Service Flow: Once it is connected, water is directed into the filter and forced through the filter bed. As water flows through the filter bed, water impurities are trapped, permitting only crystal clear water to flow through the house.

    Backwash Flow: When the filter bed is dirty, the flow of water is reversed to flush all waste to the drain and then it is once again ready for operation

  • The Commandomatic Advantage

    Automated backwash system (2 options)

    Backwash Duration Timer - Backwash duration can be set when backwashing is required. 14 Day Electronic Timer - Not just the duration but also the frequency of the backwash can be set

    Sleek, modern styling

    Unobtrusive and modern in style, the Commandomatic range of filters are designed to be appealing to the eye and complement the apperance of your home.

    Built to last

    Manufactured from non corrosive materials and employing the latest in fibreglass winding technology, Commandomatic filters are built for many years of trouble free operation.

Filtered water at every tap
Experience filtered water for your bathing, cooking and washing needs. Your day to day quality of your life will improve once a Commandomatic filter has been installed.
Eliminate abrasion and staining
Eliminate the continual wear of sanitary wares and reduce
Prevent unsightly laundry problems
Prevent streaking of clothes, producing brighter laundry.
Cut plumbing costs
Reduce sediment build up and clogging of pipes, tanks, faucets. and toilet cisterns.
Lengthen the life of the hot water system
Decrease the workload of your hot water system, leading to savings on the electricity bill.


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